Road closures, parking restrictions, toilet and litter bin locations

Road closures and parking restrictions

To ensure that some roads in the village are safe for pedestrians and that cars are able to pass freely along other routes, the Parish Council has obtained permission from Hertfordshire Highways for the following road closures and parking restrictions during the Festival on Saturday 4th June.

The roads marked in red (Church Rd and Hempstead Lane from the junction with The Common to the junction with The Green) will be closed except for access all day.

The roads marked in green will have no parking to allow the free flow of traffic to the car park (Plough Lane & The Front) and to avoid the closure of Hempstead Lane (The Green).

The Festival car park (in blue) may also be used for cinema goers on the Friday and resident parking on the Saturday if necessary.

Festival control centres, first aid, toilets and bin locations