Your planning representatives on the parish council are currently Cllrs Eamonn Brennan, Hilary Smith, and Dina Westenholz-Smith. The council’s role is to consider and comment on all development plans and rights of way in the parish council area. It will endeavour to take into account the impact on neighbouring homes, whilst at the same time balance the aspirations of the applicant.

Our Website affords a link straight into the home page of Planning & Development of Dacorum Borough Council. Please follow the fairly straight forward procedure by clicking the following buttons as they appear

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Once you reach the final stage of Search by Address you have effectively arrived with the Planning and Building Control / Planning Application and Appeals. There are many other links if the enquirer wishes seek additional information.

All planning applications are discussed by Councillors during our monthly parish council meetings. We welcome parishioners making comments relating to any planning application within the parish during those meetings.