Dog fouling in the parish

The parish council is increasingly concerned about the level of dog fouling in the parish.  It has been particularly bad on Potten End Old Green recently and new signs have been placed in an attempt to discourage it.  Dog owners are reminded that bagged dog excrement can be placed in any litter bit – not only in dedicated dog litter bins.  Please do all you can to keep our parish clean and healthy – especially in areas in which children play.

Further clearance work on Potten End village pond

Following on from the pond clearance carried out in May, two further days of work have been carried out on 4th and 5th August.  The main reason is to try to reduce the amount of crassula helmsii (known as swamp stonecrop or New Zealand pigmyweed).  The parish council puts a high priority on maintaining Potten End village pond as it is one of the parish’s most picturesque features.

Proposal for additional parking on Potten End Green

The parish council has received a message from Hertfordshire highways regarding its (that is Hertfordshire highway’s) proposal to provide greater parking opportunities close to village amenities by constructing an additional parking bay on Potten End Green and extending the existing parking bay to the west under section 38 of the Commons Act 2006.  The full text of the message, including details of how to comment can be found here and a detailed map has been provided.  Note that this an initial informal consultation and that the proposal has not come from the parish council.  So any comments should not be directed to it, but to Hertfordshire highways.