New play equipment – work starts next week

It’s out with the old ..

and in with new!

We are thrilled to confirm that thanks to the generosity of our parishioners together with grants from The National Lottery Awards for All, Dacorum Community Fund, the Parish Council and the Hertfordshire Locality Fund the new playground installation will start on Monday 11 March and is due to be completed on 30 March just in time for the Easter holidays.

During this time the playground will be securely and safely fenced off. But the goal and astroturf and the rest of Spencer Holland will be available to use.

We will need some parking spaces for the contractors so these will be coned off. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Thanks for all your support. It will be very exciting to have a modern playground for our children after 40 years!

For more information and updates on progress go to

Community Carols 2021

Over 250 people (we think – but it was dark!) attended the inaugural Community Carols on The Green last night. Hot chocolate was served from Cedars, mulled wine from Martins Pond (compliments of the Parish Council), the Rev Joe told the Christmas story, and Choir on the Green lead the singing on staging and under lighting provided by local resident Chris Pocock.

Same time, same place next year?

Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is up and sparkling, once again our thanks to the Lutts Group for sponsoring it.

For those of you interested in this sort of thing it is an Abies Pinsapo which is an ‘evergreen conifer making a slow-growing medium tree with blunt grey-green needles arranged all round the shoot. Cones pale green or purple when young, ripening brown’ (my thanks to the RHS).

Ultimately it could grow to over 12m high with a spread of over 4m – hopefully by then I won’t be responsible for hanging the lights on it!