The Plough

The Planning Inspector has ruled against the appeal by the owner of The Plough against Dacorum’s decision to refuse permission for it to be converted to a residential dwelling. The ruling is relatively short and well worth a read, but a key section states “The appeal property was designated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) by the Council in July 2018, as it was considered to ‘further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community’. This designation was attributed to its ongoing use as a public house, hosting a community library/book swap facility, and it acting as a community hub for charity and other public events. Based on the extent of representations received, it is clear that this community use prevails, and is something which is valued by local residents”.

Little Heath Solar Array

The Parish Council has lodged an objection to this proposal with Dacorum Borough Council on the grounds of visual impact, inappropriate development in Green Belt, and loss of arable land. In objecting the Council fully recognizes the urgency of the climate crisis, the energy crisis and the critical need for greater energy-independence. Large-scale, diversified and efficient sources
of renewable energy are necessary for our future, and we understand that solar
energy plays a role in that. The full text of the Council’s objection is available for download. Details of the proposals may be found on the Dacorum BC website.

New play equipment open

We’re delighted to announce that the new playground is open for business! There will be a formal opening at 12pm on Saturday, 9th April but the fences are down and it’s all ready to be used. Once again a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to make the project possible – there’s a long list of donors here along with others who gave cash but didn’t want to be named, but it all counts. We’ll be marking those who gave £500 or more with a plaque shortly. Special mention must be made of Councillors Erica Spanswick, Hilary Smith and Roger Wright who have spent many long hours looking at options, planning the new layout, raising grant funding and managing the installation. The construction has left a few areas of bare ground which we’ll tackle after the holidays, and please keep children away from the remaining builders equipment and storage which will be removed later this week. Otherwise – ENJOY!

Burial Ground Memorial Avenue

Ten flowering cherry trees, six Prunus serrulta kanzan (pink) and four Prunus shirotae (white) were planted in alternating pairs along the path running through the burial ground as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative to commemorate Her Majesty’s Platinum Anniversary. The trees were funded predominantly by contributions from the families of those buried in the burial ground together wit contributions from Holy Trinity Church, Potten End , Hertfordshire County Council and the Parish Council. Further details regarding the Burial Ground are available here.

Golf Club Presentation

Howard Craft, Club Manager of Berkhamsted Golf Club, gave a presentation to the Annual Parish Meeting on 17th March 2022. The presentation outlined how the Club owns 530 acres of Common land on Berkhamsted Common, the largest area of heathland in Hertfordshire, and how the Club is trying to proactively manage the estate to achieve a balance between woodland and heathland, working with Middlesex Wildlife Trust on how best to achieve this. Future plans include an extension to the Clubhouse and grazing on the Common using ‘virtual fences’.