About us

Role of the Parish Council
The aim of the parish council is to enhance and protect the quality of life of the residents of Potten End, Nettleden and Frithsden and to help ensure that our villages retain the attributes and facilities that make them such desirable places in which to live.

We hold monthly meetings (including the Annual Parish Council Meeting), normally in Potten End Church Room. The meetings are open to the public and councillors discuss and act on matters concerning the parish, including the following:

We manage the spending of a variety of incomes including the precept received from Dacorum Borough Council. Full details of receipts and expenditure, the council’s accounts and its annual audit are included on our finance pages.

We act as a formal consultee on all planning applications within the parish.

We are involved with local environment issues such as the removal of fly-tipping and littering. We monitor the condition of Potten End, Nettleden and Frithsden footpaths and gates, and commission work towards keeping them in a fit state for villagers, ramblers and horse riders to use.

We advise the borough and county councils on traffic, roads, safety and other matters in our parish.

Community & Leisure
We support village events that the Council considers beneficial to the community, and we are responsible for important village assets such as the village green, sports field, recreation ground (including the play equipment) and allotments.  The burial ground is also owned by the Parish Council and any queries relating to this should be addressed to the parish clerk.

You can see the land and assets owned by the Parish Council on this map.

We work with the police and local authorities to safeguard our villages against crime, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour.