Burial Ground

Nettleden with Potten End Parish Council Burial Ground is located at the junction of Hempstead Lane and Pouchen End Lane.

The burial ground is open to the general public at all times via the pedestrian entrance, although the Parish Council reserves the right to lock the main gates if it is considered appropriate to do so at any given time.

It is hoped that parishioners will find it to be a place to visit and remember and that all will find the sitting area a peaceful spot in which to pause a while.

In 2022 many of the families of those buried in the burial ground together with Holy Trinity Church, Hertfordshire County Council and the Parish Council collaborated in planting an avenue of ten flowering cherry trees to mark the occasion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Burial Ground was donated to the Parish Council in 2008 on the understanding that

  • The Council reserves the exclusive right to permit burials or interments within the Burial Ground. 
  • Permission will be granted to those persons who were ordinarily resident within the Parish at the date of death.
  • Permission will also be granted to those persons who have at any time resided within the Parish for a period of one year or more.
  • Permission will also be granted to those persons or close members of their families reasonably determined by the Council to have a significant connection with the Parish.

Please always check with the Parish Clerk to determine whether or not a burial or interment will be permitted.

The burial ground is subject to formal rules and regulations.

Some questions you may wish to ask:

Does there have to be a service?
Whether or not a service takes place is up to the family to decide.

Is it possible for a husband and wife to be buried or interred together?
Yes, it’s possible to accommodate two people in the same plot.

Is it possible to reserve plots?

No, the Parish Council doesn’t allow the reservation of plots.

How do I go about making arrangements?
The Parish Clerk can make the necessary arrangements in so far as they relate to the burial ground, all other arrangements are the responsibility of the family.

Can you give some idea of the costs involved?
The Parish Council charges fees for the right to a plot, for the right to be buried or interred, and in the case of a burial for the right to erect a headstone. There are additional fees for the grave digger, stone mason’s fees and with interments of ashes for the lifting and replacing of the stone plaques. A typical schedule of costs is available but these are subject to change depending on specific circumstances.

Are there restrictions as to what I can have written on the plaques or gravestones?
The Parish Council will need to give prior approval to any wording.

For further information please contact:
Andrew Farrow, Parish Clerk
by phone 01442 781124 or by email