Burial Ground

Nettleden with Potten End Parish Council Burial Ground and Memorial Path for the Burial of Ashes is located at the junction of Hempstead Lane and Pouchen End Lane.
It is open to the general public at all times, via the pedestrian entrance, except that the parish council reserves the right to lock the gates if it is considered appropriate to do so at any given time.
It hoped that parishioners will find it to be a place to visit and remember and that all will find the sitting area a peaceful spot in which to pause a while.

The burial ground is subject to formal rules and regulations.

Some questions you may wish to ask:

What happens when ashes are buried? Is there a service?
Ashes are buried either loose or in a biodegradable container. Whether or not a service takes place will be up to the families to decide. Short services may take place in a similar way to that of a burial.

Is it possible for a husband and wife to have their ashes buried together?
Yes, there will be space under each plaque for two lots of ashes to be buried.

How do I go about making arrangements?
Because a number of people will be involved (such as the grave digger, the stone mason, the person who will lift and replace the plaques etc) we have arranged for J Worley (Funeral Directors) Ltd to coordinate the arrangements.
They can be contacted on 01442 870326.

Can you give some idea of the costs involved?
The parish council will provide you with their fees for the burial of ashes which will include the cost of the stone. There will be additional fees for the funeral director, stone mason’s fees and fees for lifting and replacing the stone plaques. The total fee will vary depending on how many letters are to be engraved and the type of font chosen.

Are there restrictions as to what I can have written on the plaques?
No, but the parish council will need to give prior approval.

For further information please contact:
Andrew Farrow, Parish Clerk
by phone 01442 781124 or by email