The parish council administers an area including Nettleden, Potten End and Frithsden under Dacorum Borough Council and holds public meetings most months in the Potten End Church Room.  If you have any comments on this website or would like to have an item included please contact the Parish Clerk whose details are at the bottom of this page.
The parish council strongly urges everyone to subscribe to the Hertfordshire Online Watch Link (OWL).  We are fortunate to live in a virtually crime-free area and following guidance given through OWL is one of the best ways to maintain this.  You can subscribe via the home page of the OWL website or by directly contacting your local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.
A map of the Parish detailing its history, local walks, and points of interest may be downloaded from this website and is also available from local outlets (please contact the Parish Clerk for details).

If you subscribe to the parish council newsletter at the bottom of this page we will send you a short email when we add news or diary items.

Latest News

Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 15th October

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday, 15th October. The meeting will be held by Zoom and may also be joined by telephone

Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 17th September

The Parish Council will be holding its next meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 17th September 2020 online. You can join the meeting at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86849371074?pwd=QUhJei9XRVN0aWxWd3ZwNzRHRWZ2dz09 or by conference call on 0203

Herts Speed Management Strategy – draft response

The Parish Council is publishing its draft response to Hertfordshire Highways Speed Management Strategy here. Our main concerns are: the lack of community involvement and transparency in decision making which

Hero of Hertfordshire

Congratulations to the team at the Cedars Shop who were presented with a “Hero of Hertfordshire” award on Friday 17th July by Cllr Douris, the Mayor of Dacorum, on behalf

Village sign

The village sign is back in situ with cracks mended and paint freshened up. Thanks to Peter Humphreys for undertaking this work once again.

Diary of Events

Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting Wednesday 13th May

The Parish Council will be holding an Extraordinary Meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 13th May to agree which football clubs should be allowed to play on the sports ground in

Parish Council Meeting, Thursday 18th June

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